Life After Installment 1 - Whine Country

After a virtual introduction by my friend Olivia, I decide to do a little Facebook investigation prior to talking to her old friend who she thinks is good for me. He lives in Wine Country:

Subject: KYLE KRUMP [what an awful last name – bad first sign, but okay, can’t judge a guy on that]

Profile photo: A cat. [uh, I’m not a cat person, and this is one big cat. Also, a man that has feline affinity has female tendencies in my experience, but I’m going to reserve judgment for now]

Photos: Ok, nice looking guy. Wears glasses in most photos, so can’t really tell how attractive he is. And wait a minute, is that a gap between his two front teeth? Yikes. His gap might be worse than Michael Strahan’s. I’ve had braces twice - nice teeth are important to me. But it looks like the gap photos might be older ones.

Investigation summary: Inconclusive. Further questioning and video call needed.

More to come in future adventures with Mimi!